Great Schooner Race

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Schooner LOD Type Year Location Built Homeport Captain
AMERICAN EAGLE 92' Fishing Schooner 1930 Gloucester, MA Rockland John Foss
ANGELIQUE 95' Cruise Ketch 1980 Palatka, FL Camden Dennis Gallant
GRACE BAILEY 80′ Coaster 1882 Patchogue, NY Camden Ray Williamson
HERITAGE 95′ Coaster 1983 Rockland, ME Rockland Doug/Linda Lee
HERON 52′ Yacht 2003 Camden, ME Rockport Nigel Bower
ISAAC H. EVANS 65′ Coaster 1886 Mauricetown, NJ Rockland Brenda Thomas
J. & E. RIGGIN 89′ Oyster Dredger 1927 Dorchester, NJ Rockland Jon Finger
LADONA 82′ Yacht 1922 Boothbay Harbor, ME Rockland J.R. Braugh
LEWIS R. FRENCH 64′ Coaster 1871 Christmas Cove, ME Camden Garth Wells
MARY DAY 90′ Coaster 1962 So. Bristol, ME Camden Barry King
OLAD 48′ Yacht 1927 Osterville, MA Camden Aaron Lincoln
MERCANTILE 78′ Coaster 1916 Little Deer Isle, ME Camden Christopher Trandell
MISTRESS 46′ Yacht 1960 Little Deer Isle, ME Camden Steve Alcock
STEPHEN TABER 68′ Coaster 1871 Glen Head, NY Rockland Noah Barnes
VICTORY CHIMES 132′ Ram Schooner 1900 Bethel, DE Rockland Kip Files

All of the schooners will race in one of the following classes based on size and design: Coaster (pre-World War I vessels); Leeward (post-World War I vessels); Windward (largest vessels); and Flying Jib (under 50 feet).

Start time and race course will vary for each class.